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Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd. is a neoprene rubber fabric, 30% CR (Chloroprene Rubber) and 70% SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), manufacturer from Taiwan with more than 28 yearss' of experience, and their neoprene fabric is well-known for its high quality. Besides supplying neoprene fabrics, Neotex Union also uses the fabric to design and fabricate neoprene brace and support, airprene perforated bracing strap, neoprene weight training and many other related neoprene products, which are great in tensile strength, high performance and durable. Neotex Union Industries’ neoprene product is wildly sold to world leading athletic and medical product companies with solid reputation. When you place an order, SGS report is provided, SOP is executed, and onsite inspection is applied to insure every part of the product is done perfectly. Neotex Union Industries delivers one-stop production from yarn knitting, fabric dyeing, designing, cutting and sewing to final QC. Every process is monitored closely and accurately to minimize defeated product rate.

Manufacturing Process - Yarn single jersey knitting:

For both nylon and polyester fabric, single jersey knitting is applied on both fabrics to enhance their tear strength and flex cracking resistance because of the knitting structure. Neotex Union Industries only manufactures high quality fabric, polyester fabric for 72D/24T 130G/Y and nylon fabric for 6, 72D/24T 140G/Y.

Manufacturing Process - Nylon, polyester fabric dyeing

Neotex Union Industries’ dyeing plant has a completed process line with color mixing machines, fabric uploading machines, dyeing machines, fabric unfolding machines and fabric QC machines. After dyeing, additional fabric functions are added for different fabric usage purposes including water proofing, UV block, antiseptic and hydrophile, are applied based on client requirements.

Color mixing for nylon and polyester dyeing

Color mixing for nylon and polyester dyeing

When rolls of textiles (long fiber) arrive, they are cut into pieces for dyeing process. At Neotex Union Industries, there are various sizes of dyeing machines suitable for different amounts of fabrics containing 400kg, 600kg and 800kg. After dyeing, dehydration, unfolding and drying, fabric functionality is executed; they are waterproof, UV resistant and antiseptic, etc. As a result, a testing machine examines dyed fabric’s shade, stain, pollution for quality assurance.

fabric upload and unfold before fabric dyeingfabric dyeing machine for various weightsdyed fabric drying processdyed fabric adding extra functionalitydyed fabric inspection

Fabric dyeing flow: (1.) Fabric upload and unfold before fabric dyeing. (2.) Fabric dyeing machine for various weights. (3.) Dyed fabric drying process. (4.) Dyed fabric adding extra functionality. (5-6.) Dyed fabric inspection.

Manufacturing Process - Neoprene fabric (nylon & polyester) compound

neoprene fabric compound

Adhesive adjusted based on neoprene fabric's thickness

High quality neoprene sandwich sheet is created based on various elements. At Neotex Union Industries, front side neoprene sheet is compounded, pressed and matured for 1-2 days before back-side compounding starts. (Maturing is a step to avoid material shrinkage and to insure its neoprene sheet's adhesion stability before 2nd laminating starts.)

Manufacturing Process - Neoprene Sheet Adhesion : Factors Affect Fabric's Strength

Neoprene sheet's thickness, fabric type, and the speed of machine can affect the strength outcome of fabric. Adhesive's ingredient and the portion for it is critical as well because too much adhesive can create uneven neoprene sheet and too much water in the adhesive makes neoprene sheet adhesive. The adhesive neoprene sheet can be desquamated because of the poor adhesion job. Without proper neoprene sheet maturing, incorrect neoprene sheet size can occur when cutting the sheet.

Manufacturing Process - woolen blanket for fabric adhesion quality

neoprene fabric compound

Neoprene fabric compound

The humidity, temperature, and other environmental conditions will influence the neoprene size and thickness. To enforce fabric adhesion quality, Neotex Union Industries' compounding machine is equipped with a woolen blanket for heating and pressing process.

While pressing, neoprene sheet is covered with a woolen blanket to avoid thermal dispersion; for sandwiched neoprene sheet, it is pressed twice for back and front fabrics. Applying woolen blanket is pricy, but the adhesion strength is enhanced. When the whole process is done, neoprene sheet is cut into 51"*83" or 51"*130" (-5mm +8mm).

At Neotex Union Industries, every lamination process is designed to achieve high quality of neoprene fabric including size accuracy, adhesive strength, and flexibility, durability, good thermal and eventually save production cost.

Neoprene fabric finishing

For finishing, there are treatments to improve neoprene fabric's surface appearance, function and texture containing functional finishing, glazing calendering, mercerization and napped finishing.

neoprene fabric

Neotex Union Industries insists on providing high quality fabrics

colored bag for identifying the types of neoprene fabrics

Neoprene sheets are packed with color bags to identify fabric types and characters.

All of the fabrics come from the leading plastic companies in Taiwan, Nanya Technology Corporation and Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation, that have been doing the company for decades.

Neoprene product pattern design

Neoprene product pattern design

Neoprene product pattern design

When receiving a design concept, a drawing or a sample product from a client, the best adapted neoprene fabric is chosen to meet the client's specific requirements, and pattern design is executed by a team of experts using the most updated design software. Once a sample product is confirmed, sizes of pattern designs for mass production begin.

Marker making and printing

Marker making is an important step to minimize labor and material costs. Production cost reduction refers to reasonable price to benefit client's business. Neotex Union Industries' marker making stuff uses high-end computerized equipment and software to draw out every piece of component. All of the neoprene components are properly placed on the fabric for the next step, cutting, once printed out.

neoprene supports and braces marker making

Neoprene supports and braces marker making

Neoprene product rapid prototyping
3D CNC dynamic cutting machine for 3D angles or 3D curves cutting

3D CNC dynamic cutting

Neotex Union Industries possesses a 3D CNC dynamic cutting machine for 3D angles and 3D curves cutting. It is great for rapid prototyping! When receiving a neoprene braces and supports design draw or sample product, Neotex Union Industries would use 3D cutting machine to carve the exact size based on the design. There's no more cost on mold developing which is great for buyers who are looking for fast prototyping. In addition, 3D dynamic cutting machine is also suitable for neoprene foam cutting.

Neoprene support component cutting using self-design cutting mold

When a marker maker designs marker pieces on the screen, the pieces are placed within fabric width. After they got printed out, markers are placed on layers and layers of neoprene fabrics. Neotex Union Industries utilizes knife mold to cut out the components of the neoprene products, they have been designing and fabricating their own knife molds to assure its cutting quality and precision. There are 7 cutting machines to cope with Neotex Union Industries' massive production of neoprene products.

Neoprene brace and support component cutting with cutting mold

Neoprene brace and support component cutting with cutting mold

Neoprene sheet forming machine

After pressing, neoprene sheet turns into a sheet with multiple patterns.

Neoprene sheet forming machine

Neoprene sheet forming machine

Neoprene foam cutting machine

Stacks of neoprene rubber foam, normally 51"*130" put together and use cutting machine to cut out with desired shapes. Shaped neoprene foam is sewed and turn into neoprene braces and supports.

Neoprene foam cutting machine

Neoprene foam cutting machine

Neoprene form slice machine

Neoprene sheet is sliced to various thickness based on the requests. 

Neoprene form slice machine

Neoprene form slice machine

Neoprene fabric sewing - nine stitches per inch

Neotex Union Industries' persistence on making high quality neoprene fabric products allowed them to become a leading supplier with solid reputation - sewing staff with more than 20 years' of experience, and every inch sewed with 9 stitches to enhance its solidness are the factors. Blind-stitch sewing is applied to create a flat and smooth stitching surface on the fabric; V-shape stitch is applied for tear resistance and hive sewing is applied in the middle of neoprene knee brace and support to emphasize its high strength.

  • Neoprene brace and support sewing
  • Neoprene brace and support sewing
  • Neoprene brace and support sewing
  • Neoprene brace and support sewing

Neotex Union Industries' neoprene fabric sewing machines

  • Neotex Union Industries' neoprene fabric sewing machines:
  • Overlock Sewing Machine *40
  • Zig-zag stitching m/c *70
  • Zigzag machine *30
  • Computer Sewing Machine *5
  • Interlock machine *3
  • Patterned tacking machine or bartacking machine *4
  • Blind-stitch machine *4
  • Serging sewing machine *6
  • Lock - stitch machine *6

Quality control (QC)

QC (onsite inspection)
Onsite inspection is executed based on SOP's requirements and each SOP is customized depending on the amount, product, additional function of neoprene product and each country's requirement.

Packing and shipping (metal detector)

Every piece of neoprene product goes through a metal detector to ensure there's no needle or metal particle in it.

Other neoprene fabric selections:

  • Jersey fabrics (nylon, polyester, polytuff, duopoly and spanflex (lycra)) + neoprene sheet.
  • Stretch fabrics (trispan, xtend, innospan and ultraspan) + neoprene sheet.
  • Thermo jersey (stretch plush and flex fabric) + neoprene sheet.
  • Plush and brush fabrics (hyper plush, new plush, fine plush and medical plush) + neoprene sheet.
  • Velcro fabrics (velcro plush and looptex plush) + neoprene sheet.
  • Abrasion-resistant fabrics (small diamond, poly PK, powertex, supratex and armortex) + neoprene sheet.
Neoprene Fabric Applications
Neoprene fabric braces and supports
Neoprene fabric of Neotex Union Industries
Neotex Union Industries neoprene weight training product
neoprene elbow supportsneoprene ankle supportneoprene fabricneoprene hand weights

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