Neotex Unveils Neoprene with Better Insulation Solutions - Sponprene

Tested by RoHS, meet REACH standards and PAHs free Neoprene Products for Your Piping System

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Neotex Unveils Neoprene with Better Insulation Solutions


Sponprene was developed to cope with extreme temperature.

Tainan, Taiwan - Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd. (Neotex) is a neoprene product manufacturer from Taiwan. They set out to create neoprene braces, supports and straps for sport and medication industries since 1989.

With more than 28 yearss of experience, Today, Neotex's neoprene is sold to wide selections of industries worldwide, with great reputation.

When an order is placed, SGS report, SOP processing and onsite expectation are executed to ensure one-stop production neoprene is delivered.

After 28 yearss of cutting and sewing, Neotex's neoprene quality is outstanding. Along with 9 stitches per inch's sewing, blind-stitch, v-shape stitch, hive sewing are applied to enforce neoprene's strength. With such desirable properties, including chemical inertness, thermal, oil, water, vapor and solvent resistance, Neotex decided to introduce their neoprene, namely Sponprene (Sponprene is a neoprene developed by Neotex for industrial insulation use.), into a different industry, which requires high-performance, elastomer seals for chemical, oil and gas industries.

sponprene for industrial insulation use

Sponprene is a type of neoprene that is particularly made for industrial use.


excellent ozone, chemical, and aging resistance - Sponprene

Neoprene for Your Pipework System to Cope With Extreme Conditions - Sponprene

Neotex can provide you suitable protection for your equipment, regardless straight or curve pipelines, valves, fittings and vessels.

Although there are other alternatives, including mineral wools, fiberglass, glass wools, flexible elastomeric foams, rigid foams, polyethylene, cellular glasses and aero gel, however, there's no perfect solution when it comes to dealing with harsh weathers.

Neotex's Sponprene CR, SBR is made of high dense closed cell sponge foam with maximum temperature 150°C and minimum temperature -40°C. It is tested by RoHS, meet REACH standards and PAHs free .

Along with the textile that is manufactured according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, the water-based neoprene adhesive resin is applied during compounding process, which is low priced and environmentally friendly. Neotex's Sponprene can be naturally decomposed, whereas most neoprene in the market doesn't have such characteristic. The Sponprene is tested over 20 hours in the sun with proves.

Neotex's Sponprene prevents degradation from sun, ozone; it is great to cope with extreme hot or cold weather, in addition, it is water, oil and flame resistance.

While having physical toughness, it is also utmost soft and breathable. When the Sponprene is tested in severe cold/hot temperature, unlike conventional neoprene in the market, Sponprene keeps everything functional.

frozen pipe

Neoprene for your pipework system to work functional - Sponprene

Sponprene Tailored to Cover Easily with Lower Cost

  • pipe cover, valve cover, fitting cover
  • pipe cover, valve cover, fitting cover
  • pipe cover, valve cover, fitting cover

Sponprene can be tailored based on the shape of your equipment.

Fixing damaged pipelines and valves, which are caused by the extreme weather and the degradation of the sun can be costly. Most of the time, neoprene is deteriorated and hard to repair, and it affects the whole pipework system.

Neotex's Sponprene can be tailored to meet specific shapes: regulator covers, valve covers, straight pipe covers, fittings covers, vessels/specialty covers, at the same time, massive production is conducted to lower the costs. Sponprene maintains its strength, flexing, twisting and expansion very well over a wide range of temperature while having excellent firmness. For your pipework system to operate all year smoothly, Sponprene would be your right choice.

sponprene sheets

Sponprene custom made for various shapes.

About Neotex's Sponprene
CR SBR NeopreneYes
Temperature Range-40°C to 150°C
Meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 StandardsYes
REACH, RoHS, PAHs ApprovedYes
Resistance of Fire, UV and Color FadingYes
Anti Mold, Static, High Heat/Cold Resistance and Chemical StabilityYes
Great Neoprene Elastomeric BearingYes
Eco Friendly Adhesive ResinYes
Decompose or Dissolve Without PollutionYes
    The Advantage of Spongy Foam in Sponprene:
  • Light weighted, high strength and multipurpose elastomer.
  • Excellent ozone, chemical, and aging resistance.
  • Closed cell structure, low water absorbing.
  • Cushioning & protective.
  • EPDM designation: excellent ozone, chemical, and aging resistance.
  • CR designation: fire resistance, F05-C spongy foam is UL94HF-1 approved.
  1. Automobile and shipping industry:
    Air conditioning component, waterproofing and soundproofing mat, mat for automobile light and dashboard cover.
  2. Electric and Electronics Equipment:
    Static dissipative mat for electric and electronics equipment and speaker.
  3. Industrial and Machinery Equipment:
    Rubber mat for machinery component.
  4. Instrument equipment
    Rubber mat for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from damage and explosive.
  5. Construction Industry
    Waterproof strip, seal ring, heat resistance material.

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