Neoprene weight training strap designed for intensive trainer

weight lifting training wrist support–high breathability. Tensile strength

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Introducing the neoprene weight lifting training wrist support for women

In the U.S., there's a company that is specialized in supplying weighted training products - mostly for athletic practices. They designed a weighted wrist strap specifically for basketball player's weight training and needed a fine manufacturer to fabricate the strap. The U.S. company contacted Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd., a neoprene product supplier they’ve heard of, and requested a weighted wrist strap sample product.

"The U.S. company requested neoprene weight lifting strap with gel filling. Well, the gel type weight training product was popular for a while, however, its grease leaking issue led users switch back to the traditional type, which is sand iron,” said Ms. Huang, salesperson at of Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd.

Hence, Neotex Union Industries delivered a weight lifting training wrist support sample in two weeks and used sand iron to replace the gel fillings. The high quality of the sample product convinced the U.S. company, which promised to place orders as soon as the patent is obtained.

Drawing of hand weights

Drawing of hand weights

After talking to the client, Neotex Union Industries provided a sand iron weighted training strap sample in two weeks. The strap was designed using iron sand instead of gel. To avoid leaking sand iron, a double layer of neoprene fabric was applied. There are various weights of weight lifting training wrist supports, including 1 lbs, 1.5 lbs, and 2 lbs. To concentrate on the women's market, 0.5 lbs pink straps are specially made for women users.

hand weights design

Hand weights design

Neoprene hand weights

Neoprene hand weights

Soft and stretchable neoprene fabric is perfect for weight training products because of its properties; it is breathable, has high tensile strength and elasticity, and is oil, heat and UV resistant. When neoprene fabric is implemented for weighted training products, they deliver a maximum comfortable feeling, great muscle strength training and prevent sand iron from leaking.

Neoprene fabric is excellent for weighted training products including neoprene weight lifting gloves, neoprene lifting belt, neoprene ankle / hand / wrist weights, weight training vest, etc. With Neotex Union Industries' 28 yearss' of experience, all of the neoprene training weights are designed to achieve trainer's high expectations.

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