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Neoprene Knee Support, Neoprene Waist Support Made With High Performance Neoprene Sheet Rubber


The Secret of Neotex Union Industries' Neoprene Fiber Fabric

neoprene knee support

Neoprene knee support

Neotex Union Industries Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese neoprene fabric and neoprene product supplier with 28 yearss' of experience. Based on years of experience, they've accumulated significant know-how and are able to implement their knowledge to manufacture high quality neoprene fabrics and to design neoprene products with great durability and flexibility, particularly neoprene athletic and medical products.

With 100% neoprene fabric manufacturing capabilities, Neotex Union Industries presents excellent neoprene fabric quality to meet each customer's particular requirements. The fabric processes include nylon and polyester yarn purchasing, nylon with single jersey or terry knitting and polyester single jersey or terry knitting, fabric dyeing and finishing, and QC. All of the processes are supervised closely with high standards to meet international standards.

Neotex Union Industries is able to incorporate guidance from their clients with relentless dedication and ultimately upgrade themselves and become a quality supplier of athletic and medical products. The guidance came from the U.S. and German world-leading companies' long-term support and strict standard requirements.

Neoprene sheet

neoprene sheets

Neoprene sheets

Neoprene, also called neoprene rubber, neoprene rubber sheet and neoprene sheet, is a synthetic rubber that is manufactured into neoprene sheets as well as strips or rolls. It was originally invented by DuPont in 1931, and because of its advantages, it has been wildly used for decades. When talking about neoprene sheet, it normally refers to 30% CR (Chloroprene Rubber), and 70% SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). Neoprene sheet outperforms natural rubber in resistance to temperature, water, oil, detergent and heat and comes with thickness range from 1mm to 6 mm.

Fabrics - nylon and polyester

Nylon (Polyamide) is a thermoplastic which is one of the most typical plastics; two common grades of nylons are Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6. Nylon has great resistance to temperature, absorbs shock and has high tensile strength, permits it to be used in many commercial sporting products such as neoprene braces and supports for various body parts.

Neotex Union Industries only manufactures high quality fabric, polyester fabric for 72D/24T 130G/Y and nylon fabric for 6, 72D/24T 140G/Y. Polyester is a category of polymers that is used in clothes. Polyester's advantageous properties are its light weight, high tensile strength, excellent resiliency, and resistance to weather and biological damage.

For both nylon and polyester fabric, single jersey knitting is applied on both fabrics to enhance their tear strength and flex cracking resistance because of the knitting structure. For braces like elbow or knee braces, the elastic character is essential, thus, latitude and longitude two-way stretch fabric is commonly used to carry out its functionality.

Denier or den is a measure word for the linear mass density of fibers. For every 9,000 meters of fiber, it weighs 140 denier, which determines fabrics' breathability and tensile strength. Therefore, a higher number of denier means a heavier fabric.

Neoprene Fabric Dyeing Machine Assures You Fine Color

color mixing machine

Neotex Union Industries' Color mixing machine

There are two color mixing machines at Neotex Union Industries specifically for nylon and polyester fabrics' color selection. After the color is selected, color shade test is examined using high-tech test equipment. Neotex Union Industries' dyeing plant has a completed process line with color mixing machines, fabric uploading machines, dyeing machines, fabric unfolding machines and fabric QC machines. After dyeing, additional fabric functions are added for different fabric usage purposes including water proofing, UV block, antiseptic and hydrophile, are applied based on client requirements. In the end, a testing machine examines dyed fabric's shade, stain, pollution, etc.

Neoprene fabric compound (lamination)

Neotex Union Industries has customized their compound machine in order to achieve high performance of lamination.

Neoprene foam with nylon fabrics laminated on both sides becomes a fabric called neoprene nylon fabric that is suitable for numerous applications with various finishing. There are important factors for fabric compounding - adhesive process and maturing period.

When compounding three different fabrics (sandwich) (nylon, polyester and neoprene sheet), maturing time, 1-2 days, is critical to make sure they stay together evenly with high resilience. Adhesive's ingredient and the portion for it is critical as well because too much adhesive can create uneven neoprene sheet and too much water in the adhesive makes neoprene sheet adhesive.

Neoprene fabric finish

Neoprene fabrics are laminated on the neoprene rubber sheet and handled with different types of finishings. There are treatments to improve neoprene fabric's surface appearance, function and texture containing functional finishing, glazing, calendering, mercerization and napped finishing.

Neoprene fabric applications

Neoprene fabric's special properties, lower tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and resistance to temperature make them adaptable for athletic and medical product production, including neoprene braces and supports, wetsuits, cooking gloves, sports wear clothes, cup coolers, etc.

Neoprene sheet supplier

For rubber sponge supply, Neotex Union Industries has been cooperating with a Taiwan-based high-tech textile enterprise named Nam Liong Enterprise. Nam Liong's eco-sponge series' rubber form meets international standards:

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 : Class II
  • REACH (substance of very high concern, SVHC)
  • CPSIA (US public law 110-314)
  • PVC free
  • RoHS pass
  • PAHs pass
  • CPSIA pass

Yarn supplier

Neotex Union Industries insists on providing high quality fabrics; all of the yarns come from world-leading textile companies in Taiwan, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation and Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation.

Neoprene Sheet's advantageous property allows dynamic applications: neoprene braces and supports, wetsuits, cooking gloves, sports wear clothes, cup coolers, etc.

neoprene braces and supportsneoprene knee supportneoprene sports wear clothesneoprene cooking glove

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